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Formal hairstyles and makeup can create drama or present simplicity. We can make the day
photo-perfect for you and your bridal party.

On the main floor of the salon we can handle up to 12 bridal styles at a time,to get you in and out,
stress-free on your day.

There is a barbershop on our lower level for men to be groomed, with a separate entrance
in a male environment.

We encourage your bridal party to set up a chocolate fountain pedicure party the day before your
wedding to get together and relax.


(Please note: here are choices to be made within each package)

Perfect from Head-to-Toe Bride…$230
Includes: Wedding Day Bridal Formal Style, Wedding Day Photo Perfect Bridal Makeup (Airbrush +$30),
Pedicure (Gel +$10) and Manicure  (Gel +$10)

Prepared for Everything Bride…$230
Includes: Trial Bridal Formal Style, Trial Makeup (Airbrush +$30), Wedding Day Bridal Formal Style,
Wedding Day Photo Perfect Makeup (Airbrush +$30)

Exquisite Bride…$325
Includes: Trial Bridal Formal Style, Trial Makeup (Airbrush +$30), Wedding Day Bridal Formal Style,
Wedding Day Photo Perfect Makeup (Airbrush +$30), Pedicure (Gel +$10) and Manicure (Gel +$10)


Wedding HAIR

Trial Bridal Formal Style…$50
Time is used for experimenting and collaborating for the perfect Wedding Day Bridal Formal Style.
Please bring pictures for inspiration and any hair jewelry or veil that you will be wearing on the
wedding date.

Wedding Day Bridal Formal Style…$75 and up
Bridesmaid Formal Style…$60 and up
Flower Girl: Under 12 yrs old…$45 • 12 yrs old and over…$50

*For any formal style please be sure to have very dry hair. If washed it should be the night before.


Wedding MAKEUP

Airbrush Makeup…$90
Airbrush Tattoo Cover-up…$40 per area
Did you ever notice that celebrities have a tattoo and then it’s gone on the red carpet?
We can do that for you!
Wedding Day Photo Perfect Makeup…$60 and up
Bridesmaid /Event Makeup…$40
Daily Wear Makeup…$35
Eyelash Enhancement (temporary lashes)…$10


Wedding NAILS

Bridal Spa Pedicure (+10 Gel)….$55
Bridal Spa Manicure (+10Gel)…$40
Trial Bride’s Pedicure (+10 Gel)…$45
Trial Bride’s Manicure (+10 Gel)…$30

*We recommend trials to try wedding nail designs.


Relax and enjoy your bridesmaid and family with a chocolate Pedicure Party. With only 4 Cielo Spa
Pedicures in your party we offer you a free Chocolate Fountain with fresh season fruit and dippable
treats. We can do up to five pedicures at one time and can accommodate up to 15 people. You are
welcome to bring your own beverages and additional snacks. We will serve you.


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