All About Our Wedding Services

We can make the day photo perfect for you and your bridal party. On the main floor of the salon we can handle all of your bridal styles at one time, to get you in and out, stress free on your day. There is a barbershop on our lower level for men to be groomed, with a separate entrance in a male environment. We encourage your bridal party to set up a chocolate fountain pedicure party the day before your wedding to get together and relax. 


  • Trial Bridal Formal Style…$90
    Time is used for experimenting and collaborating for the perfect Wedding Day Bridal Formal Style. Please bring pictures for inspiration and any hair jewelry or veil that you will be wearing on the wedding date.
  • Wedding Day Bridal Formal Style…$120+
  • Bridesmaid Formal Style…$90+
  • Flower Girl…$60+

*For any formal style please be sure to have very dry hair. If washed it should be the night before.


  • Airbrush Makeup…$120 (includeds foundation, eyes, lips, brows)
  • Bride Trial Makeup…$75 (includes airbrush and/or regular makeup)
  • Brides Wedding Day Photo Perfect Makeup…$90+ (Bare Minerals)
  • Bridesmaid /Event Makeup…$75+ (Bare Minerals)
  • Eye Makeup…$50


  • Bridal Spa Pedicure (+10 Gel)….$70
  • Bridal Spa Manicure with Gel…$50
  • Trial Bride’s Pedicure (+10 Gel)…$55
  • Trial Bride’s Manicure (+10 Gel)…$35 

Chocolate Fountain Pedicure Party fee with more than 4 in your party.

*We recommend trials to try wedding designs. 

All of the choices that come while you are creating your wedding day can be overwhelming. We would like to give you the advantage of flexibility, rather than make you adhere to specific services in a wedding package. $350 will secure your wedding day deposit. This deposit serves to secure your wedding day appointments, and as a credit that will be used during your trial visits. If there is a balance owed on your wedding day it will be collected. If there is a balance left over, you will receive a gift certificate credit. You may also chose to use any remaining balance on anyone in your wedding party. Please review your wedding contract and worksheet so that we can make your wedding day a great experience for you and your family.


Cielo Bridal Agreement

cielo_bridal-agreement_2019 (pdf)